Are you searching for Deeniyat books? All type of Deeniyat course books availabe online at Get it at the most affordable price. Buy now!. Apart from the Deeniyat syllabus books we have a wide collection of other important books which have been translated into numerous languages. You can . Deeniyat educational and charitable trust is a charitable organization that has men and women of all ages. The syllabus consists of five main subjects. book.

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Quraan Ka Paigam To know what Allah Taala wants to convey in the Quraan, we have highlighted some important parts of different Paaras bokks is recited in the taraveeh.

InshaAllah this will prove to be beneficial. Alhamdulillah you can download this from our official website deeniyat books Deeniyat and it’s also available on Android Play Store.

You can read this after Taraveeh in the masjid deeniyat books a place of worship and Individually as well.

The syllabus consists of five main subjects. Islam teaches us about faith and worship, it deeniyat books teaches us about proper reasoning, pure lifestyle and good character thus helping a person to reach the zenith of goodness and chastity. Deeniyat educational and charitable trust is a charitable organization that has been trying to educate children, men and women on the basic islamic knowledge and moral education in the light of Qur’an and Sunnah since The best way to deeniyat books the teachings of Islam amongst the Muslim ummah is setting up an organized maktab Deeni school therefore it is the responsibility of every Islamic scholar, the custodians of masjid and people who are directly or indirectly involved in taking deeniyat books of deeniyat books Islamic organizations and institutions to work together with Idaara-e-Deeniyat and set up such organised maktabs.


Deeniyat books in this manner, Idaara-e-Deeniyat takes care of all the requirements of the student deeniyat books can be acquired for the maktabs evolvement and betterment. Their aim is make people better human beings through the teachings of Islam and benefit the whole of humanity.

deeniyat books Daily Hadees Idaare-e-Deeniyat sends a whatsapp message daily in 12 Languages in the light of Quraan and Hadith for the benefit of Ummah.

This will help them to be successful in this world and the hereafter as Allah deeniyat books placed success only in following the teachings of Islam.


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Idaara-e-Deeniyat is involved in deeniyat books charitable activities as well some of deeniyat books are assistance in medical aidfeeding the poorhelping the handicappedconstruction of boring wells. Studying and memorising these topics will lead to a deeper understanding of our Deen.

Deeniyat 3 Year Urdu – English APK

May Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala accept this and make it a means of success in this world and the deeniyat books. Helping all communities irrespective of castcreed and religion.

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