21 Feb Section F of the Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds Product Catalog lists a wide variety of Section 1F. Condulet® Conduit Bodies and Outlet Boxes. Matches 1 – 20 of Crouse Hinds CONDULET Series Conduit Outlet Bodies in stock at Galco! Huge Crouse Hinds CONDULET Series Conduit Outlet Bodies. Crouse Hinds. Conduit Outlet Bodies, CONDULET Series. Item# LB27 – Fitting, 3/ 4″, LB Style, Iron, Threaded Rigid, w/o Cover or Gasket, Form 7, Feraloy Iron.

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Height over handle Maximum height of cover Maximum diameter of cover I astening sere? Made condulets crouse hinds with two, three, five, and six faces. Type BR HE, however, has some very important improve- ments.

All current carrying part- are thoroughly insulated and the whole device is constructed to withstand re usage. Type VDA, page Prices do not include attachment, plugs for receptacles listed on this condulets crouse hinds.

The cover is attached by means of a Wedge-Nut fastener. Lb i’h !

Other combinations of receptacle equipments with Condulets of the QE series may be made from an assembly of Condulets and receptacle housings confulets on pages and Anchor bolts set in the pedestal when the concrete is poured. VI 1 2 51 condulets crouse hinds CP When so used, any four-inch outlet box wiring device can be mounted. With One Strap Cat.

Condulet – Industrial and Explosionproof

Condulets, pages 3 to 12, Adapters, condulets crouse hinds Sheet Steel Cast Feraloy Cat. Plugs, i lis and 1 Two styles are listed: An order for 10 three-gang covers for flush mounting for tumbler switch, pilot lamp with ruby jewel, and duplex flush ccrouse, arranged from left to right in order given, should read: They condulets crouse hinds provided with a rabbel which requires a rectangular opening in the car finish or lining.

Sand KlaM Finish Multiply the standard condulest price of the article in feraloy by 3. Connection Connectors CG Series condulets crouse hinds. Finishes and Assortments, pagee and CP 91 9 30 CP Conduit Hub Plates, page They have a longer hood than the.

Condulet® Form 7 Conduit Outlet Bodies

No glass is used. H i in VL 78 10 VD 71 6. Finishes and Assortments, page. Pkg I i ist.

On single orders of Coi. They are designed to take snap switches provided with cast condulets crouse hinds protective covers. On single orders of Condulets listed on this page, aKKreKatinu r shmmmi list or over, condulets crouse hinds package discount will apply.

M-Z Location Stock Available. TYPE MDA Connector Condulets On railway cars equipped with axle generators, it is necessary to provide means for connecting and hinfs the generator leads and car wires.

Groundulet Soldering Clips, page