Don’t Let Your Website be the Next Victim

Did your website become the victim of a hacker and you just found some illegitimate content on it without your prior knowledge? Then, now is the best time to hire the experts to fix a hacked website and put it up and running in no time at all!

While technology has greatly revolutionized the world we are living in, with it comes some downsides and hacking is definitely one of the biggest problems that many site owners will have to deal with at one point or another.

If you think that you can just let it sit out there online even while it is hacked, you better think again! You have to act fast, as fast as you can, because once Google or any other search engine gets to index your hacked website, your website can end up black listed and not a single web page from your site is going to be displayed on the search results, thus putting you at risk of losing your SEO rank and incoming traffic.


Worried your site has been hacked or your site has been blacklisted by Google? Just contact us and we can quickly assess if it has been infected. Once you give us the ‘green light’ to start we will assign a dedicated security expert to start the cleaning process.


We immediately set to removing all the malware, spamware, viruses and malicious scripts from a Hacked Website. In the words of Google we will “Restore the good content and remove the bad content”. Our immediate focus is getting your website back up and running quickly.


We are different than the other hack repair companies in that once your site is cleaned we then work to stop your site being hacked again! We place your site behind Firewall & Protection Services that stops the hackers in their tracks.

We Know How to Fix Hacked Website With No Time Wasted.

With our long years of experience of being in the industry and dealing with hacked websites, we have become experts on how to fix a hacked WordPress website or how to fix a hacked Joomla website. It doesn’t matter if your database or web pages were hacked because you can count on use to clean all files in your site at the soonest time possible.

The Effects of a Hacked Website

Regardless of your business, you have a brand. Whether you realize it or not, and regardless of the size of your audience, trust is an important piece of the puzzle. Many take this for granted, but it’s critical to the success of many businesses.

It can take years to build, and minutes to lose. A hacked website is notorious for destroying trust. Whether its a data breach or a drive by download that infects the visitors desktop. The result of either action, or one of many more nefarious acts, will almost always lead to the same thing – a loss of trust in your brand.

Are you okay with your audience losing trust in your brand?

Malicious hackers and automated bots infect websites with malicious computer code (i.e., web malware). Security companies, search engines, browser manufacturers, and others will prevent or deter users from visiting these compromised sites in order to protect those sites’ visitors. Hacked websites may also be used to launch spam and phishing campaigns. For example, a compromised site might try to convince Internet users to visit a fake banking page, buy pharmaceuticals, or something similar. This can cause sites to be blacklisted too.

The effects of SEO Poisoning can be catastrophic to your brand. The impacts will often manifest in a number of ways:

  1. You will lose ranking with the major search engines (i.e., Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.),
  2. Users will likely see notifications to prospect users in the SERP pages, (i.e., This site may be compromised),
  3. You will lose ranking (i.e., Assume you land on page 1 on Google, imagine dropping to page 10),
  4. Worst case scenario you get blacklisted and your visiting users are presented with a horrible page that screams “You’ve been Hacked”.

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